We have created space for people that may allow them to fully concentrate on their creative activities. At the same time, we would like them to leave something behind. It may be a memory in hearts of the local people or a different point of view, an art exhibition or a footprint in form of a permanent object. There is a plenty of space to meet on the meadows and in the forests, whether with someone else or with yourself, without hiding in the strangeness of a town.

Luboš Fendrych, Karolína Plachá, and Tereza Lišková founded Naplaveno, z.s., in February 2019. Naplaveno aims to support and create cultural life in Jistebnicko and its surroundings, connect artists with local inhabitants by residential stays, foster crafts by organisation of creative workshops and educate through lectures and seminars.

We arrange cultural events in Jistebnicko and its surroundings. For example, at the carnival in Stružinec, where we introduced unique masks from Roztoky, which created an original colourful procession together with the local ones. We have organised creative workshops and educative events, theatre club and a suburban children summer camp. We offer residential stays for artists. We hold concerts in the barn and residential theatre in the house. Our space is also for rent.