We offer a residential space of rural character in a small village in Táborsko area, four kilometers away from Jistebnice. It's around 75-minute drive from Prague. The surroundings is a beautiful natural park Jistebnice Highlands (Jistebnická vrchovina) - centuries old landscape of woods, stone walls and ancient trees. The area is ideal for walking and cycling as well as for winter sports.

There is a village house for 2-4 people and a caravan for 1-2 people for you to use.

In the village house, you can use kitchen with a tiled furnace, bathroom with shower, toilet, and wifi.

The caravan is equipped with a shower, outside ecological toilet, a stove, a basic kitchen with electrical stove for cooking.

We can also provide you with a projector, scanner, black and white printer, workshop with basic tools, grinder, driller, two bicycles, and also, based on previous agreement, a car.

Four kilometers away, in lovely town Jistebnice, you can find shops, post office, restaurants, culture house, and tourist information centre. There are a lot of bio farms in the area and we can manage to get their local produce such as honey, cheese, milk or meat for you. The closest restaurant is two kilometers away and it is a nice target for a walking trip.

Animals are only allowed outside and in the hallway, but not in the rooms.

The village is calm and safe and so it's ideal for kids. We may also offer an extra bed in case you travel with children.

We have a great relationship with the locals and any kind of cultural or artistic presentation from your side is welcome. We may offer an exhibition space right here, as well as in Jistebnice and in Tábor.

Space for your work:

Smaller part of the barn 8 x 5 meters for warm months (not heated), with earthen floor and sliding gate with a view to nature

Larger part of the barn 12 x 9 meters, for warm months (not heated), with wooden floor also for dance and theater

Tee-pee, diameter 6 meters

Our gardens and meadows of 6 000 m2, possibility of creation outside, any kind of agreement on outer installation possible